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We Are A Dynamic And Experienced Team With High Motivation

Edman is a management consulting company specialized mainly in construction sector. We are a dynamic and experienced team with high motivation. Our focus is to increase efficiency in construction projects thus achieve resource optimization throughout the Project life cycle. We believe optimization and promoting the efficiency in your organization will be the golden key for sustainable success.

Through our experience and expertise, we offer several advantages to our clients. Edman brings an in-depth view of the risks projects are likely to encounter. We quickly identify these risks and provide recommendations on how to protect your project. Edman also brings a regional focus, with a detailed understanding of the conditions, nuances, risks and opportunities likely to influence your project, supported by our internationally recognized industry experts as needed.

About Edman
About Edman Consulting

We assist our clients in overcoming complicated construction-related situations and accomplishing their project objectives through industry awareness, practical business knowledge and technology experience. Edman customizes services to meet each client’s particular needs in the management, oversight and investigation of construction projects. Edman’s multidisciplinary construction management consultants and business partners work personally with each client throughout the duration of the project to ensure that clients meet their project goals and budgets.

Our focus on clients and results consistently earns us respect and allows us to complete each project effectively and within our client’s specific parameters.


We aim to create solutions for your organization

Support our Customers in all stages of projects to achieve successful completion

Budget and resource optimization in projects

Increase operational efficiency and profitability in projects

Analyze and improve in house Project Management Systems as 3rd party consultant

Special focus on «Contract management, Cost management, Time management, Claim management»

Support our customers in the digital transformation of project management systems

The systematic and analytic approach in Project management

Project experience diversity in industrial, real estate and others.

Diversified experience gained in the total value chain of projects; Development, Design management,Supply chain, Construction and operation

Innovative and broad vision in the construction market

Ability to analyze Project management stages from different perspectives as Investor, Developer, Contractor, Project Manager

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