Project And Construction Management Consultancy

Project management processes that need to be improved are designed with EDMAN’s specialty under the scope of this service to ensure customer's priorities are achieved throughout the project life cycle. Our mission is to improve project team productivity at any level of the organization and at any stage of the project and to assist our customers in achieving the optimum and effective use of their resources in today’s highly competitive market.

  • We gather information about realized or potential problems with collaboration of customers to determine the root causes of issues. Based on our experience and research, we focus to ensure an efficient management process is used in the project stages namely from design to the completion phase.
  • We perform process analyzes by making a detailed analysis of the information gathered with the customer’s contribution.
  • As a result of the analysis, we create a comprehensive road map for our customers to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the project management processes, help to reduce defective manufactures, and optimize the use of project resources.
  • Together with our expert teams, we play a crucial role in the realization of the road maps approved by our customers and contribute to achieving the desired results in all focused improvement areas.